Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Chris and I have been on this LOST kick lately. It is such a fabulous show. Yes we realize we are a little behind the times but we just started watching this show on Netflix and now we cant STOP! We are addicted to say the least.

I would strongly suggest that everyone watch this show. Especially if you like adventure, good looking doctors, and suspense. You will LOVE this show.

I would invite you to watch this show with Chris and I, but we are almost done watching it :(

The hawkins


Andrea said...

Can't help but comment on this!! Justin and I LOVVVVVE Lost!!! He got me into it and we watched all 5 seasons before he left, the sixth came out while he was on his mission but I waited to watch it with him......and it was so worth it :D It's so addicting!!! And it was way nice to be able to just watch the episodes one after another and not have to wait a week for the next one. So in that regard you are winners ;) Seriously, though, we love it!! I'm sad it's over (for us finally haha) but it's good. I think I will re-watch all of it someday. Anyways, I like reading your blog :) And yay for Lost!!

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