Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Life as a CNA

I just finished my CNA (certified nursing assistant) class. I am so happy to be done with the class but I enjoyed the information that I learned. I got my CNA at Rocky Mountain CNA in American Fork. If you are looking to get your CNA quick I would suggest their school.


I started working at an assisted living home {which I LOVE} and I just wanted to share a funny experience with everyone.

We have a resident who has Sun Downers which basically means when the sun goes down this patient gets MEAN {to say the least}. This lady is the sweetest lady during the day but at night time you better watch your step. This resident was sleeping in her lazy boy the other night and I had to wake her up to put her into bed. I shook her shoulder and she woke up and said what do you want you little A$$ Clown haha. I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. As I proceeded to tell her she needed to get into bed for safety reasons she pretended to fall back asleep. I said her name again and instantly she said "do you know where a lake is?" I said "yes" and then she said "well this place would be a lot better if you jumped in that lake a drowned". Haha I loved her cleverness!

As a CNA you can't take offence to anything that your residents say to you. This lady is seriously the sweetest person during the day! I love working with her and the other residents.

Enjoy your day!
Jammie Hawkins


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