Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

For the past 7 weeks I have been looking a little like this...
{Bad hair, NO makeup, Sweats, T Shirts, and lots of Deoderant}

I only have one more final to go though!

My poor friend Lindsay has had to look at me like this for the the past 7 weeks! I just want to thank her for still being my friend haha. We have been taking Physiology on the summer block and it SUCKS.

~On a happier note~
Chris and I started HOUSE shopping today :). We are hoping to get into something by the end of July or the beginning of August. Our real estate agent is the bomb his name is Brad Eldredge (if any of you are looking for an agent check him out)! We are going to stay close to home because we like being close to family and friends. We are looking for homes in PG, AF, and Orem. I am hoping the one we like in PG will work out.

Lots of people say we are moving fast (in buying a house) but we feel like it's the right thing to do. Our goal before we got married was to get into a house as soon as possible. We are very excited and look forward to some awesome home warming parties!

thanks for checking in
Chris and Jammie Hawkins


My Gift's to Share said...

I think that is great. Homes are investments and you need to do what you two feel is right for your family. By the way you do NOT look like that photo.

Andrea said...

Summer classes are death. Good luck finishing!!!!!

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