Thursday, June 30, 2011

Caviar and Crumpets

Tonight Chris took me to the Boat House Restaurant in Central Park, for dinner. When we got there we found out that we were extremely under dressed but we were hungry so we just went right in.

The waiter handed me a menu and I almost asked if it was in English..I had never heard of half the things on this menu and I had NO clue what to order. I saw Lasagna and assumed that would be a pretty safe choice. Our waiter took our order and in the mean time this is what happened...

The people that sat down next to us started talking about the new million dollar home they had just purchased in the city. The lady was wearing Prada shoes and had a Fendi bag. Chris and I felt a little bit out of place.

The other people sitting by us were also millionaires who were the biggest snobs EVER. The lady had the waiter doing all these silly things because ...she wasn't satisfied... with ANYTHING.

Chris and I honestly didn't know this was a fancy schmancy restaurant! I would have felt much better at the local McDonald's.

Our food came to the table. It looked really good so I dove in. I took a big bite of Lasagna and didn't have the greatest experience. It turns out this was vegetarian lasagna and the first bite I bit into a huge nasty mushroom and some other stuff that I still don't know how to pronounce. The noodles were good and the sauce was tasty but this lasagna was filled with some crazy stuff.

Even though the food SUCKED the experience was awesome. We sat right next to the Lake and watched the sunset and the row boaters. It was very romantic.

I am so lucky that Chris took me to the Boat House! It has always been my dream to eat there and tonight it came true.

When we saw our check I think Chris almost fell over haha but everything turned out ok. Next time we visit New York the Boat House probably wont be a place we will eat again.

We are having a blast and miss everyone.

The Hawkins


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