Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 1 Summer Vacation

Arriving in New York City! LGA has got to be the smallest airport I have ever seen. I felt like a sardine smashed into a confined space.

Entering into Central Park for the very first time. This statue sits on the South entrance of Central Park and has Columbus on top of it.

 It was bloody HOT this day so don't judge my sweaty face. Plus we had just walked from 42nd street clear to the boat house which is about 23 blocks. Needless to say my feet were on FIRE.

This is us sitting in front of the Boat House. This is not the night that we ate at the BH restaurant though.

Eating at The Hard Rock Cafe the first night in New York. We saw a picture of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and it made me excited to go to New Hampshire because Chris' family lives on the same lake as Steven Tyler. Pretty sweet if you ask me!


Our first day in New York was mostly just exploring the City. We didn't have much planned for this day because we didn't get into LGA until 4:00pm. It's probably a good thing we didn't do much this day because the rest of our trip was jam packed with activities.

{Stay tuned for days 2-8 on our awesome vacation}

The Hawkins


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