Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is my cute brother in law
{he is 8}

The other day Hunter's mom Lori received notification from his elementary school that Hunter had 12 tardies. This shocked Lori because Hunter has never been late. The notification also said that Hunter owed lunch money. Lori found this strange too because she had recently put money in his account.

Come to find out the reason Hunter has been tardy is that he is eating breakfast in the school cafeteria. The funny part about this is that Hunter eats a full blown breakfast before school and then is eating again at school. The even funnier part is that Hunter was also buying two lunches on top of that.

That's 4 meals in 6 hours haha.

Maybe Hunter is growing right now because I've never seen him eat so much.

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tHe StAiLeYs said...

He is stinkin' hilarious! Have Treav tell you the story about how zombies have no penis' or butts.

Kendra said...

HAHA! Oh Hunter! I love that kid! He's so dang skinny too, where does he put all that food :)

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