Friday, June 3, 2011

Swimming Suit

Chris and I bought Seven Peaks passes this summer and would really like to know who else got them?

Basically what we are saying is...

We want to hang out with you at Seven Peaks Baby!

Recently, I realized that in order to go to Seven Peaks I need a swimming suit. Yes I own a swimming suit but it's getting old and dated. Therefore, today I ordered a new swimming suit from Target.

{It's cuter in person, and it really does have straps}

That is not my body....obviously.
1) she is African American
2) she is freaking skinny
3) she has brown hair

But, I look just as hot in this suit as she does. You don't have to be brown and skinny to look hot in a swimming suit people.

Please coming swimming with us!
Jammie and Chris


Erin Marie said...

I want in! Too bad I'm dang freaking busy unitl AUGUST!!! :( Boo.

My Gift's to Share said...

Dallin and I but not sure you really want to hang with us.

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