Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love my Skyler! I am so happy that she came and spent a couple days with us this past week. We don't get to see each other very often, but when we do it's noteworthy! These pictures will sum up our past few days together.


We hiked Battle Creek Canyon. It wasn't a very long hike but keep in mind I had a broken foot! Once we got up to the water fall it started snowing. The funny thing was that it was sunny outside!

This is Skyler looking out over Utah County. You can see Utah Lake in the background!

Jammie and Chris at the top of the waterfall. I look pretty miserable but my foot was just kinda sore! Chris is such a hottie though, just look at him.

We made it half way!


Skyler, Anna, Riley, Hunter, and I went shooting! We went up to the bench and got to shoot at some pop cans. It was so much fun.

Us Girls! We were waiting for the boys to load the shot guns for us.

Skyler and I don't need Camo...we just blend in with the sky!

Skyler shooting the 20 gage.

Anna shooting the 22 gage.

Jammie shooting the 22 gage.

Riley with the 12 gage on his back. Skyler and I took a Wac at the 12 gage for the first time woot woot!

The girls goin diggin in Rileys truck after shootin'

Other than hiking and shootin' we...
Ate lots of food
Went to Temple Square and showed Sky the visitors center.
Watched chick flicks
Had lots of girl talk
Got pedicures
Went shopping, with Angela and Edison, of course

Oh yeah! I almost forgot we both got TOMS!
(I got the black glitter ones & Sky got the green ones)

I miss you already.

Please Come Again Soon Sky!
Jammie &Chris


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