Thursday, April 28, 2011

Harry Potter 7: Part 2

Harry Potter is my very favorite series of movies. I am in love with the magic, characters, scenery, and music. If I could meet JK Rowling I would pat her on the back and just say "Thank you for creating a book that I actually enjoyed reading". I HATE reading people! Well I shouldn't say that I like a few good books; but I do LOVE reading textbooks. Anyways, I am going to host a Harry Potter Party at our apartment. We will watch the movies, dress up, and eat every flavored jellybeans! I'm excited already :). Of course we can't have this party until Harry Potter 7: part 2 comes out. I will make a paper chain to count down the days.

Leave me a comment if your interested in joining our nerd party!

*I'm not joking I had chills the WHOLE time watching this.

Opens July 15th 2011

You really don't understand how excited I am! I might even make myself a new wand haha.



Jammie and Chris


Atryell said...

Oh my word I am so excited too! I love harry potter! I am just sad its over and there won't be any more but I guess I can just watch the movies over and over again.

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