Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is me...

My name is Jammie Marie Erickson Hawkins, as many of you already know, and I was born into the most amazing family that anyone could ever think of. For many years my family consisted of Mom, Dad, Jammie & Riley and it wasn't till recently that I have inherited 19 new members. If any of you are confused I am talking about my adorable husband and his immediate family. I love family! I love spending time with them and learning new things about them. It is amazing how much I still learn about my own family and I lived with them for 20 years. Meshing into a new family has been a challenge. Everyone is really nice and I love Chris' family so don't get me wrong. It's just hard to bring every one's lifestyles together  as one big family.

I am a very outgoing and spontaneous type of girl. I do things that the average, 21 year old, married women wouldn't do. I have fantastic friends who make my everyday life a tad bit more exciting; and I love them. We do things such as Rollerblade, make crafts, hike things, swim in ditches, sabotage people (in a nice way), leave people love notes, eat lots of food/ice cream, road trips to random places, but more of all we are there for each other. Times get rough but my friends are always there for me. Thank you Sky, Anna, Erin, Sarah, and so many more! 

I love to dance and teach dance. I would say that it's one of my greatest passions. When I am dancing I feel relaxed and at ease with my body. I have never been a skinny girl but I am happy with the skin that I am in. My husband is so cute and tells me how good looking I am ALL the time! I love him for that because it really helps my self esteem. 

I love serving other people. If I could fill my day completely with service, I would be a happy camper. That's one reason that I love Chris so much because he leads a life of service. Just this past few days Chris has been putting in a brand new fence for our neighbors at no cost. He loves the feelings that he gets when he helps others.

I am a happy person and I love people. If you ever need a friend please call me up. I love hearing about different peoples experiences and helping them become happy. I learn so much from the example of others! 

Other Interests
I am working on becoming a nurse. I want to help people! 
I love swimming. 
I am a country girl who would be perfectly content gettin' dirty on the farm. 
I love music! Anything that you can dance too. 
I would rather watch baseball than any other sport. 
I hate grape flavored things, but I love grapes. 
I am so scared of snakes that it makes me sick even thinking about them. 

This is me and I LOVE who I am! I hope you do too.


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