Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simple and Sweet

23 Days and Counting
In 23 days, I will officially be Mrs. Jammie Marie Hawkins. My level of excitement is probably at a bazillion right now :). Although the excitement out weighs the stress, I cant help but thinking about everything we have left to do. Things such as...

Moving into our apartment
Grocery Shopping for the FIRST time $$$
Finding frames for our display table
Meeting with Swanivations
Mailing the rest of the invitations
Rolling the stems for the cupcakes
Finding brooches for the cake
Picking out our flower girl dresses
Printing our pictures

and not to mention...

Riley in the hospital
My lovely car being broken

This is a CRAZY time in our lives; but we are loving every minute of it. I'm very grateful for this handsome young man who has helped me through all of this.

Our love is simple...but we sure do have fun (i.e. picture above)!


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