Saturday, January 1, 2011

Erickson Shower

On Thursday I had my very first bridal shower with the Erickson's. I got a bunch of really nice things; some of which are featured below. It's so nice of everyone to pitch in and give us such wonderful things. If we had to buy all this stuff our selves we would be in the poor house. Thank you everyone :).

The Erickson's
My face looks great haha..this is my new pots and pans set. Its T-fal which is really nice. Thanks Amy, Chelsie, Stacey and Casey.

Grandma Marilyn sewed this for me. My very first Christmas decoration!

My cute red toaster :)
Things for Chris and I have been busy but lots of fun. Chris just got promoted at Kneaders and is now the night manager. This promotion is such a great thing for Chris and I because he is making a lot more money while working less hours. I'm so grateful for Chris' work ethic he works so hard each day and its paying off.
Chris and I are both starting school this next week at UVU. This will be Chris' 1st semester at UVU and im officially a Junior :). I have 2 more semesters and then I will be applying to the nursing program at UVU. Chris has talked about becoming a business lawyer. We both have a lot of school left haha. It will be worth it in the end though!
The wedding plans are moving right along. The only major things we have left to do is send out our invitations and take our bridal/groomal photos. We move into our apartment on January 12th and we are both super excited. Chris will live in the apartment until the wedding and then ill finally be able to join him :). We are both getting so excited for the big day!


tammy lu said...

Yay Jammie! You got a lot of great stuff! It seems like things are moving along great! I cannot believe you only have one more month!

Jammie Marie Erickson said...

Thanks Tammy! Im so excited I can barely stand it :). At first it seemed like we would be engaged the time is just flying by.

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