Friday, August 27, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Dont get me wrong I love the education that im receiving at UVU but some peoples children just astonish me!
For Instance....
I love when im sitting in the hall and this girl with booty shorts and 4 inch heels is hanging all over this boy who clearly isn't into her. She is giggling right into his ear and then she takes a step closer to him and she twists her ankle. From my angle her ankle (or the tarsus region...yes im taking anatomy) looked like it snapped! She backed up a little and you could tell she was in pain. Then she goes limping off with her 4 inch heels still on and it was the most dramatic walk I have ever seen. That boy was saved by a pair of stilettos!
I really really love when I see every girl at UVU wearing "bump its" too school. It would be nearly impossible to describe what a "bump it" is so let me just show you.

5 reasons why I hate "the bump it":
1. I can't see the movie screen at the theatre when a girl with a "bump it" sits in front of me.
2. I can't see the teacher in class.
3. It's sheer rattiness distracts me.
4. It gives you an alien head.
5. Its U-G-L-Y!


Atryell said...

HAHAHA JAMMIE THIS IS GREAT I LOVE IT! I am totally getting you a bumpit for christmas haha jk!

kara lynn said...

oh please jammie we must buy some and do a photo shoot. preferable with 70/80's outfits. halloween?

anna mae said...

Next time you see me at the uvu.. i will be wearing booty shorts, and 4" heels. That's a promise.

Jammie Marie Erickson said...

Atty I would still love you if you bought me a bump it but I would only use it on special occasion haha. Kara im not going to lie a bump it photo shoot would be amazing lets do it!!!

beka said...

oh the bump it. gotta love it. i swear those things should be given more appropriate names!

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