Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

I got it from my mama I got it got it Honey, lookin' good from her head to her toe Beauty overload, body outta control She 24, she could be a model So beautiful, all so natural Mama lookin' good from her head to her feet She 44, but she still lookin' sweet And you could tell her daughter ain't even at a peak Cause her mama lookin' so hot, packin' that heat So be a good girl and thank yo mama She made ya steamin' like a sauna Look out, look out here she come now Look out, look out here she come Girl, yo beauty is a sensationYou sittin' in the temptation I never knew a girl could shine like the sun You betta thank ya mama, cause girl you the one We should have a date of celebration Celebratin' God's best creation Girl, you got a beautiful vibration Everyday should be ya birthday, hon' You make the guys all dumb Maybe cause your blessed with the beautiful buns Maybe cause your beauty keep the dudes unsprung Wonderin' just where you got that from, from, f-from...


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