Friday, August 27, 2010

My Strange Quirks

1. I always arrange my M&Ms in sets with every color represented, and then sort the leftovers by smaller groups of color, until there's inevitably just a couple left of the same color. And then I eat them in reverse order of sorting.
2. I don't like artificial grape flavoring, but I love grapes!
3. I eat everything on my plate separately. For example, lets say I have potatoes, chicken, and corn on my dinner plate. I eat all the potatoes, then the corn, and then the chicken.
4. I am always on time unless I run into uncontrollable circumstances. I HATE BEING LATE!!
5. I get sick when people blow their noses in front of me or do that nasty bugger sucking thing in the back of their throats! I wont say anything but it makes my stomach turn.
6. I shake my legs while driving. This often makes my car rock back and forth which drives my passengers crazy.
7. I cant sleep with socks on!
8. When im trying to solve a problem at school I often tap my feet and bite the end of my pen.
9. I will literally do whatever it takes to get good grades. You think im kidding but im really not!
10. I stretch every morning when I get out of bed. If I don't do this then it throws off my groove!
Sometimes I don't know why I have developed these weird quirks but one thing that I know for sure is that they make me unique. What are some of your weird quirks?


Lori Ann said...

Jammie..I eat my food separately as well!! nothing on my plate touches and I eat it one at a time ...but mostly when i'm at home. for some reason at restaurants its not always the same...probably cause in most cases they bring you your food and its already touching..not much I can do about that. ;)

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