Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only 6 months left :)

Today Elder Hawkins has only 6 more months left on his mission. I was reflecting on my past blog posts and this is what I found "Chris has officially been gone for 5 months. Its just amazing how fast time fly's. The next thing i will know is that he will only have 5 months left. I cant WAIT for that day haha" now that day has almost arrived and I just cant wait till the day that he comes home. Its funny that at that time I was so excited to have 5 months under my belt now I have 18! Time really does fly by. Chris and I started dating on June 30th 2006 so we are quickly approaching our 4 year mark. I am proud to say that the entire time that we have been dating we have never broken up or taken a break we have always been able to work things out. When Chris comes home it will nice to be able to say that I waited for something that I wanted because not many people can say that. Im excited to see what the next year has in store for us :). I thought I would share some old pictures of Chris and I just for memory sake. Enjoy!
This is our very FIRST picture together.

Our 6 mile hike to Silver Lake Flats. We love hiking together :)


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