Monday, March 22, 2010

Jammies 20th Birthday

Today was my 20th Birthday. I cant believe im not a teenager anymore. I had a fabulous day to start off my dad left me cute little birthday wishes all over the house I found them before school (which was boring) then after school my parents took me to Tucanos for lunch. I was not expecting to go to such a nice lunch. After lunch I came home to take a nap but Anna and Sarah had decorated my room so cute and my mom put posters all over the garage wishing me a happy birthday. I had a few hours to chill after that until my family dinner so Anna and I did some shopping and watched dancing with the stars! I also got the cutest email from Chrisy today. He took time to wish me happy birthday. He is so cute!! I then got to go to dinner at Texas Road House with Mom, Dad, Riley, Anna and Sarah. I had a delicious steak :). After dinner I enjoyed a nice sit in the hot tub. I would say this was an all around GREAT day. Thanks to everyone who made my day so special.


anna mae said...

you're welcome (:

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