Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Remember how are heating bill this month was a whopping $160.00???? Well we had to put an end to that! So we decided to times $160.00 by 45 and get these cool new editions for our home.

A soft water unit. Chris really wanted soft water in our house so we decided to take the plunge. Hopefully it provides us with all the benefits that the Chinese salesman said it would haha {yes we bought it from a good company don't worry}.

We finally got central air installed. We had a swamp cooler this past summer and it was AWFUL. I was soooo happy about this one.

And a furnace! My toes were about to freeze off every night so this was really a NEED instead of a WANT. Plus our furnace was 30 years was time for an upgrade.

I'm very grateful for these new editions. They increased the value of our home and made it a more comfortable place to be. Thank you Chris for working so hard and thank you Kneaders for providing Chris an amazing job. We are very lucky to have the things that we have.

The Hawkins


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