Monday, August 1, 2011

The Married Bachelorette

This is my J.P. his name is Christopher Mark Hawkins. He asked me to take a {leap of faith} and I did. I knew from the very beginning that Chris was in it for the {right reasons}. That was my biggest fear coming into this relationship that Chris wouldn't {accept me for who I am on the inside} I felt like I might need to wear a {mask}. When Chris and I were dating he loved massaging my feet. I believe a few times he even said {you can tell a lot about a women with her feet}. One thing I knew for sure is that Chris didn't want to {promote his business} he was truly here {for the right reasons}. I wasn't sure if I could fall in love with Chris at first because he loved mayo, I had to put my foot down and say {me and mayo are very different; if he likes mayo than I'm not the girl for him}.
We got our issues worked out because after all
{I have a college EDUCATION}!!!!!!


We are clearly
{on the wings of love}


I am very happy for this cute couple!

The Hawkins


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