Wednesday, August 3, 2011

House Update

Buying a house is STRESSFUL...well for us at least! Here is the latest update. On Monday night I got a call from our agent and he told us that the under writer denied our loan. We had NO idea why because everything with the loan company went great. Confused, we called the under writer and this is what he told us.

"...We are concerned because you are paying more than the appraised value on your new home. First time home buyers can NEVER afford to pay more up front, out of pocket, for their home. We are afraid that you are unaware of the price that you are actually buying this home for..."

Yada Yada Yada

As a result of this news we wrote the under writer a letter stating that we KNOW how much we are spending on this home! We also had to explain that we are more than capable to pay the extra money up front and out of pocket.

We will find out tomorrow if we are accepted for sure; so if you think about it could you tuck us in your prayers? It would be much appreciated.

The Hawkins


Clint and Tiff said...

Jammie!! I am so sorry about this stress stuff! Clint and I bought a house about 2 years ago, and it can be stressful! Especially when it comes to the money part of it. There are some really dumb rules (we wanted to pay more on our downpayment and ended up having to wait another 2 weeks before it all got settled....). Don't worry too much; it will all work out in the end! You will love having your own house :) ps-I will keep you guys in my prayers for sure

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