Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy Time

Sorry for my absence this week, here is what Chris and I have been up too!

1. Stripping Wall Paper
{Who ever invented wall paper probably should never come to my house or I might slap them}

2. Removing casino carpet and laying down tile :)

3. I started my CNA
{This is 4 weeks of class everyday from 5:30-10:15pm}

4. Chris got a promotion at work so he works about 8 more hours a week

5. My nursing application is due in 1 month
{I should be working a little harder on this one}

6. I am choreographing 6 solos
{This is a huge task in itself}
7. Drill every morning 6-10am WOOT WOOT
{I love drill team}

8. I have had an AWFUL case of the stomach flu :(

9. Chris had finals this week for summer semester


10. My car is broken AGAIN

Oh the joys of being young!

The Hawkins


Alana said...

You sound very busy. You left a comment on my blog, do you know the Hutchins?

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