Friday, May 27, 2011

I can be your Hero Baby

Before you begin reading this please click "play" on the music video. The music makes this post so much greater.

It is true I am a Hero.

Here is the story...

Today I came home from a very productive study session with Lindsay. I walked into my kitchen and sat my things down when all of the sudden I hear strange scratching noises.

Side Note: If you know me AT ALL I am the biggest scaredy cat alive. Especially when I am alone.

Therefore I yelped and ran into the other room. Carrying a garden shovel, I approached the kitchen one more time and could still hear the noises. I thought someone was in our living room. I got closer and peeked into the living room which was all clear. I took a deep breath and then heard the scratching coming from the dining room window. I approached the window and guess what I found?

Du Du Duuu
{those are supposed to be scary sounds}

A silly bird was stuck in our window well!

I saved the pretty bird with some gloves. It looked like it had a broken wing or something. Hopefully it's OK.

Man that bird almost made me pee my pants!!

Lesson Learned: To the world I might just be one person, but to that bird I was the world!

I will stand by you forever!
Jammie Marie Hawkins


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