Monday, April 18, 2011

When in Rome?

Tonight I watched "When in Rome" on netflix :).
 It's official I want to go to Rome.

 Chris and I have been talking about going on a cruise next summer. We want to begin in Athens and end in Rome. This would be about a 10 day cruise next June. Because neither of us have ever been on a cruise we need HELP. We are looking at Oceana Cruise Line and Holland America Cruise Line. Does anyone know anything about either of these companies? We really don't want to go on a cheap cruise where the rooms are gross and the food is nasty. We are looking for something enjoyable (I am not saying that it needs to be expensive, just good quality).

Chris and I love to travel. We want to travel the world before we start our family. It would be hard to do this sort of trip with kids. Don't get me wrong when we have kids we will still travel; but our vacations will be more family friendly like Disneyland/world, Sea World, the Beach, ect.

Thanks for your help!
The Hawkins


Brittany said...

exnay to holland. it's the cruise line for old people. and the ships are a bit older and not as nice.....

Sarah Mae said...

Oh My Goodness! Seriously you guys want to go?!? Because Mike and I are planning a trip to Europe in July next year and he's expressed the desire to go to Rome so I'm going to show him around!
If you're interested I can a)give you a list of the places you need to go or... b)meet up with you in Rome and show you MYSELF!!!!!!!
Tell me what you think and I'll let you know what our plans are as well :)

Jammie Marie Hawkins said...

Uh Sarah girl that would be AWESOME! I like choices A and B :). Also Brittany thanks for the advise.

Sarah Mae said...

:)! I'll email you the list of places that you need to go to. Most hotels have maps too that you can borrow that have the places marked, but....

It would be a lot funner if we went together!
I'm just going to email you our plan so far :)

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