Friday, April 1, 2011

New York Trip...I need help!

For Christmas this past year Chris surprised me with a trip to New York City! We have a few things planned already but I would like some more ideas on fun things to do, places to eat, and sights to see! If you are an avid New York visitor help a sister out. Below I’ll give you our current itinerary, but again I would love to hear how to make our trip even greater :).

Day 1: Depart Salt Lake City/ Arrive New York City at approximately 4:00pm

-Other than checking into our hotel, I’m not really sure what to do this day? Are there any fun restaurants we could eat at? How about Central Park activities that are fun?

Day 2: We have reservations to eat at "Hell's Kitchen" I’m pretty excited for this! Then I was thinking about doing the Statue of Liberty because Chris has never seen it. Later that night we are seeing Spider Man on Broadway.

Day 3: We are going to a Yankee Game vs. Milwaukee Brewers! We are sitting on the 26th row down the first base line. I'm going to have to pack my mitt for any foul balls. I was thinking about doing the World Trade Center Tour after the game because it's pretty neat. I just need somewhere to eat this night?

Day 4: Manhattan Temple Session as well as shopping on 5th Avenue. Does anyone have any other fun ideas for day 4?

Day 5-7: Depart for New Hampshire to see Family :)

Couple of Questions...

-Has anyone ever eaten at the Boat House in Central Park? Is it worth the money?

-Is the Natural History Museum any fun? Could I get the same experience at a museum in Utah?

-Do you have to bring your own temple clothes to the Manhattan Temple or can you rent them?

Thanks for your help everyone!

The Hawkins


Stephanie and Jon Hyde said...

Hey Jammie,
This is Stephanie (Porter) Hyde. :) Jon and I went to New York a couple years ago and we were planning on going during Christmas, but our flight got cancelled. These are some places were were planning on going to eat.

As far as restaurants……there are thousands and some absolutely great ones. Try "Eatery" on 53rd and 9th Avenue (not too far from the Theatre District). Also walk down 5th Avenue (or take the bus down) to 14th and check out "Eataly". It is a big open space with all types of Italian products and restaurants……..

Go to the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle (8th Avenue and 59th) and check out all the stores and restaurants……….eat at the Landmark. But there is a Whole Foods Market in the basement which you should check out……..(and you can eat there)

Serendipity is fabulous. Have you seen the movie? They have great desserts, but are always very very busy and you may have to go at midnight :) or call and see if you can make a reservation now. We called 2 weeks in advance and they were booked.

Lincoln Center is across from the Temple! Eat at PJ Clarke's at 63rd and Broadway.

I'm excited for you both, have fun!

Stephanie and Jon Hyde said...

p.s. take lots of pics at Central park, it's beautiful. You can rent a boat and paddle across the pond, or we just walked around and held the wild turtles.

Broadway should be good and I am excited for your baseball game too!

Tammy said...

My bff works there, she lives in NJ. I totally want to go! I am so jealous! I hear the museum is fabulous! I definitely want to go myself. If you do go, take pictures! I want to see!

What about the normal sites Ellis Island/ Statue of Liberty? That's a nice ferry ride, so I hear! And the Empire State Building.

Sarah Mae said...

Are you two renting a car or will you be walking/using-the-bus-system/metro?
Right across the street from the Temple is where the Ballet and School of the Arts is located. You can take a tour/ watch a Ballet performance!
There are TONS of amazing places to eat by the Broadway scene including lovely Barbeque Joints and Irish pubs! Don't be afraid to go inside, they often have the BEST food!! Also Junior's (here's their website: has the BEST cheesecake and they are in the same district!
Don't forget to try a Gyro!!!

Jammie Marie Erickson said...

Thanks for all your help everyone! Sarah we will be using the metro most of the time and probably a taxi here and there.

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