Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life Lesson Learned

Its strange to me how people react to life situations. When times get hard some people get very offensive, take little things WAY to personal, become very quiet, lash out in extreme anger, or have this crazy scowl that forms to their face. When I get angry I tend to do the whole "quiet thing". I have decided that I defiantly need to do a better job in times of deep despair. In my opinion, no matter what is happening in your life getting very offensive, taking things way to personal, becoming quiet, lashing out in extreme anger, or having crazy looks on your face, is NEVER the answer. Now im not saying never get upset but we could all work on how we react to situations.

Lately, I have felt like I don't have anything in common with a lot of new people in my life. For example, lots of married people have kids (and I don't) so I feel like I can't find common ground with these folks, or some people are graduated and in the work force (while im still in school). These examples seem so minimal but it has really bothered me. At first I just went silent and had some pretty bad feelings about some choice people. But then I realized even though those people are at different stages in their lives I can still have something in common with them. Maybe they like to dance or we like the same music. You just have to give people a chance.

Maybe I need to make a better effort in finding something in common with these people instead of going silent. Silence won't fix anything because no one will know what is wrong.  But then again you over reactors, that's not going to fix anything either.

 Let's work on how we react to life's situations together!
Life Lesson Learned

Thank you to those who help me figure these life lessons out. I love you guys!

My Husband is the most understanding person that I know. Without him I would be very lost. Thank you for putting up with me all of the time and being such a great friend.  

My Family is incredible. You guys teach me so much and are ALWAYS there for me.

I seriously love EVERY single one of you girls. You guys are the greatest examples to me.

 The Dukes! Lori and I have some very very good conversations :).

The Hawkins. Even though they are far away, they are always there for me.

Thank you for all of you amazing examples!
The Hawkins


My Gift's to Share said...

Sorry your having such a hard time right now Jammie. I think your amazing and you have so much to offer everyone if they are just willing to get to know you. Hugs and I hope things get better for you. Sweet post

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