Friday, April 8, 2011


This morning I woke up in great spirits. I had a fabulous dream, an amazing breakfast, and my adorable hubby wrote me the CUTEST note. This was the start of a very good day. I went to school, like usual, and enjoyed a lecture given by Dr. Wilson. (Side Note: I would advise anyone who needs to take a history class at UVU to take it from Dr. Wilson). Today our lecture was on the economy which was unusually intriguing. I even thought for a split second that I could enjoy being an economist. Then I sorta snapped back into reality.

After history I made the death walk up to my anatomy class. (Another side note: I call it the death walk because I have to walk up this giant hill on crutches). I got to my class and unpacked my back pack when all the sudden the GREATEST thing happened...THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF! Now you may ask why this is the greatest thing and I don't really know how to describe it until you have taken anatomy at UVU...twice. I would do nearly anything to get out of  that class. Now please don't be under the assumption that I was in anyway associated with the fire alarm going off because I WASN'T! I am simply saying that it was an answer to my anatomical prayers.

Now you may think that I am crazy and I will assure you that I AM but this was turning out to be a Heavenly Day. To make it even more Heavenly, literally, I went to the Temple for the first time by myself. I love going to the Temple with Mr. Chrisy but today it was nice to spend time it the Celestial Room by myself :).

To wrap things up I am making beef enchiladas for dinner tonight and Chris and I are going to have a movie night. Wow life doesn't get much better than this does it?

I really love all of you for reading my blog :). My followers are the greatest!

Have a alarming day!
The Hawkins


Mickelle said...

Jammie, I just found your blog and I stinkin' love it. You are so entertaining! Hope married life is going fabulously and good luck with Shively. Anatomy is the worst!!

Anonymous said...

Jammie you are so weird I love it! You have the greatest spirit I have ever known olive you "best girl in the whole world"!

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