Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shoes VS Jeans

I was thinking about something very interesting today that I would like to share. Last night I went to Forever Young shoes and bought myself two new pairs of flats. When I was trying on my shoes the sales lady asked me for my size and I replied "I am a size 8 and have been since I was in Jr. High" the lady then replied "...isn't it funny how you can stay the same shoe size for almost your entire life but then you decide to eat a snickers bar and you go up a whole jean size?" I thought this was hilarious. I swear if I eat anything that has sugar in it I go up 2 pant sizes!

Let me tell you why shoes are better than jeans: 1. If you eat that snickers bar your not going to go up a shoe size. 2. Your flab (most likely) will never topple over the edges of your shoes. 3. You always look cute in shoes. 4. Shoes are generally cheaper than jeans. 5. You get a lot more compliments on your shoes that your jeans. *One of my new pairs of shoes CAUTION Just because you wear really cute high heel shoes this DOES NOT mean that you get to put a bump it in your hair. I see this all to often...unfortunately! "From flat to fabulous" are you kidding me? There is nothing fabulous about this haha! Thanks for checking in Jammie and Chris Hawkins


Tammy said...

HAHA! This post even got a chuckle out of Bret! :) Cute shoes!

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