Thursday, March 10, 2011

Malawi's Pizza

The other night Chris and I got to go on a date with Britton and Abbie. They are getting married on June 4 2011. Chris and Britton served in the Portland Oregon mission together and Abbie was the girl waiting at home...just like me! Abbie and I became friends through facebook and it's been so fun getting to know Britton and Abbie as a couple. I'm so excited that they are getting married because Chris and I don't have very many married friends to hang out with. Anyways, we went to this place in Orem called Malawi's Pizza (it's located where the old Magelby's used to be in the River Bottoms) and it was delicious. Here are a few reasons why you should eat there.

First off, the atmosphere is amazing. It is absolutely beautifully decorated inside. It is also very big. It is great for big and small groups alike. Second, ordering. I loved how they have it set up to order. The menu is posted behind the counters and you can order from three different registers. It seemed to me that one was always available-so you didn't have to wait Third, the food! I absolutely loved the food! Chris tried the pizza and I tried the pasta! What I loved most was that ALL their food is completely fresh! They have a clear glass that you can look through to see all the fresh food and the cooks while they prepare it. They had specialty pizza's, sauces, pasta's, dessert pizzas, and salads. It was amazing! Fourth, donations. For every meal that Malawi's Pizza sells they donate a meal to starving families in Malawi. It felt good to know that my money was not only being used for a delicious meal, but it was also helping someone :). I would defiantly recommend Malawi's Pizza to anyone! Thanks for the fun night Britton and Abbie Love the Hawkins


Abigail said...

You're so sweet! We had a great time too!! It definitely is good to have some married friends (ya know, since we'll be joining the ranks soon ;) ). We'll have to do it again soon! And I agree with you Malawi's is tasty and awesome.

p.s. I love reading your blog!!

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