Friday, November 19, 2010

Wedding Fun

So many of you have requested updates on the
wedding planning so here you are....
First, we are getting married in the LDS Salt Lake Temple on February 4th 2011 at 11:00am
(This is your heads up to take work off)

Second, we have decided to have our reception at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course. We have a wedding planner named Nannette York and she is doing a fabulous job at helping us come up with fun and unique ideas. Because im the type of person that likes to be different than the average person (bride in this case) we have come up with some wild ideas. I want to keep these on the down low so that people will be "wowed" when they come to the reception :)

(If you would like more pictures of sleepy ridge check out

Third, we have the most amazing lady doing our was really a toss up as to who I would have do my cake haha! This ladies and gentleman will be like nothing Wedding Cakes by Dawna has ever done before. My mom and I have been pushing our thinkers to the max and we have come up with some great ideas :). Im excited for this aspect of our reception.

Some Other Things

Flowers: Pam Thompson

Photography: Michael Lloyd Photography

Catering: White Willow

Wedding Dress: Allyses Bridal

Ice: Swanivations





Oh and did I mention



Anna Mae Spencer

Sarah Lyn Tullis

Erin Marie Spencer

Skyler Sherman

They will be sporting these cute dresses at the reception :)

(no worries they will be wearing jackets over their dresses...don't panic)

Im so excited for this special day to come!


tammy lu said...

Way cute Jammie! I cannot wait to see all of the pictures! I am SO bummed we will miss it!

Cassidy said...

Okay stinking adorable! Gosh! and so many cliff hangers ;) What a fun day to plan for!!

anna mae said...


.:.Queen B..:. said...

OH my, This is fabulous! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Mike Provard said...

Photograph of the Salt Lake Temple (c)2007 by Michael Provard.

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