Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Hero

The morning of September 11 2001 was very frightening. I woke up and came down stairs to find my mom crying and my dad on the phone. I saw the TV and began to ask questions. My mom told me about what was going on in New York and Washington DC. I then realized that my dad was on the phone with Washington finding out his potential orders to be deployed to Iraq.

It is very scary having a family member in the military because most of the time you don't know where they are being deployed. Its extremely difficult to say goodbye and not know when the next time is that you will see your loved one.

All I know for sure is that my dad is my hero. Even in times of peril my dad serves our country selflessly. He always supports me in everything that I choose to do, no matter how far away he may be. I would just like to say Thank You dad for serving our Country and fighting for my freedom. I love you!

My Dad Is My Hero.
This world has many heroes, you'd know most of them by name. It's apparent that they gave their best,and they deserve their fame. But among all of the hero's, this world has ever had, There's not one that I admire more, than my precious dad. He's more than just a hero,he never looks for praise. He's heroic in his quiet strength,and in his caring ways. He may not be as famous,as those you hear about or see. But he's everything and so much more, a hero ought to be. He keeps his word, it's good as gold, on this you can depend. He's honest and he's loyal too, I'm proud that he's my friend. When I hear about a hero, and the special things they've done, It reminds me of my father, for he is the greatest one.


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