Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jokes on Jammie

Pictured above is the layout of of baseball field
(if you couldn't figure that out you need to get out more)

Last weekend I was invited to go and watch the BYU vs UW football game with one of my greatest friends at his uncles house. I accepted the invitation because I was not going to miss this game especially with BYU becoming an independent university. Go Cougs! Anyways, I got to the uncles home and I introduced myself to everyone. We hung out for a little while before the game began and it was really fun to get to know their family! It was about game time and so we made our way down to their theater room where the real conversation began. My friends uncle began asking me about my family and the sports I enjoyed. I told him about Riley playing on the Jr. Olympic baseball team and how I enjoy baseball A LOT! He then began telling me that he used to play some baseball back in the day. This sparked my interest because I didn't take him as one who used to play baseball, I got more of the basketball vibe from him. I asked him what position he used to play and he said "I was left out". This didn't phase me one bit and so I kept on going with the conversation and saying things such as "outfield is a really important position" and "Riley plays right out"! After making a fool of myself the uncle stated again "Yes I was REALLY left out". Everyone was trying not to laugh the whole 10 minutes that this took place and then it finally clicked....the jokes on me! There is no such thing as left out, or right out, I just thought he was abbreviating haha! Im glad that I could give everyone a good laugh and I would just like to say touche to you Dean.


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