Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Im so excited!

Remember this mega hunk?

Well he gets home in 23 days!

Im excited to....

Go to Jazz Games with him (season tickets woot woot)

Go on Golfing/Ice cream dates again

Cuddle up to a good movie

Go on hard core runs again

Going to Vegas in November!

Get hugs when ever the heck I want them :)

Give and receive back rubs

and lets be honest

Kiss the boy!


beka said...

GAH!!!! I am SO excited for you! I can't even think of words!

Jammie Marie Erickson said...

Oh girl im going crazy over here haha! Then once Chrisy gets home youll only have like 2 weeks ahhhhh!!! Can we go on double dates please?

anna mae said...

ah!! so cuuuuute! (:

beka said...

ah that makes me so excited! I can't wait until the weeks become days! yes we can definitely go on double dates! (that is if nate asks me ha ha- you never know)

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