Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel like a hobo

I feel like Matt Foley in the Van Down by the River except I am Jammie Erickson in the Suzuki Forenza Down by the River!

I have actually stooped this low
1. I can change my clothes in the car like NO ones business
2. I eat on the go almost always. Good thing for PB and Jammie sandwiches!
3. There is a miniature pillow in my car just in case I have time for a nap in between classes.
4. I have every electronic devise charger in my car that I could ever need!
5. I keep an extra change of clothes and freshening supplies in my car just in case I need a different outfit.
6. My middle console should be called the medicine console
-and lastly-
Im getting really good at studying (cramming) in my car before tests!

I have everything that I could ever need in my little Forenza. Its a sad reality that I spend more time in that little car than I ever do at home! The explanation is clear its called...ANATOMY at UVU. Hopefully at the end of this semester I can jump back into reality and STOP living like Matt Foley!!



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