Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas TIme

So today was Christmas which was all around amazing. I had a very special opportunity to help 3 families who were in need this holiday season. I cant describe how special Christmas is when you know that you have helped someone else have a good Christmas. In the Erickson household Christmas starts on the 24th. My entire family comes together and makes a HUGE Mexican feast. We have enchiladas, toquitos, burritos, tamales, etc. See what i mean when i say feast? After we are all done eating my family goes and looks at Christmas lights around town. My car always finds the best house. This year my favorite house was the Bassets from Lindon. They had lights up on every single tree. If you have a chance go check them out! After looking at lights we made our way back to my house where Santa clause had come! Santa always visits my house a little early because of special circumstances. This year I got a couch for my room, Riley got oakly snow goggles and Savana got a Laptop! It is always so fun to see what Santa has left us. After we checked out our Santa gifts we opened our presents to each other and stayed up until 4am! The next morning i went and opened presents with the dukes at their home. Lori also made some wonderful french toast :). I also had the neat experience of visiting David Duke in the ICU at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. David spoke a little today because they put a button on his trachea tube. The whole time the thought of talking to Chris lingered in the back of my mind. I had butterflies in my stomach from the time that i woke up and i was very anxious to talk to him. Chris was not able to talk until 5pm our time which was practically touchier for me. Each time i looked at the clock only a few minutes had passed from the last time that i looked at it. Dont you have when that happens? Well the time did eventually come and i got to speak to my Chris. When i got on the phone he said "Hey Kiddo" just like he used to do! I found this so cute that i decided to cry..... yes cry! Once i dried my eyes Chris said jokingly "Pull yourself together woman" which is another inside joke haha he is hilarious. I got to talk to Chris for 35 minutes!! That is a long time in missionary speaks. He had a lot of questions for me about home and we talked mostly about school and my testimony. Chris sounded so happy which made me feel very good. Im glad to know that he is happy with what he is doing and where he is at. I could tell that he is starting to get a little home sick but he is trying he absolute hardest to stay focused. He truly loves his mission and the people he is serving. When we said goodbye Chris said he wanted to tell me 2 things 1) Jammie will you think about how you can make your testimony grow over the next 9 months?... following this i said of course! 2) He said "Jammie I love you" the best 4 words any man could ever say! Then Chris said goodbye. We had the perfect amount of time to talk and i feel like this conversation will tide me over until mothers day :). Just think on mothers Add Imageday i will only have 4 months left ahhhhh!!! Im very grateful for the opportunity i had to talk with chris. I love him so much and he is most defiantly worth waiting for :).


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