Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

Jammie did not love Valentines day this year. But there were a few good things that happened. Hunter Duke made me a home made valentines day card. It was so cute that i started to cry. He told me that he wanted to do something nicefor me because Chris would be here to share this special day with me :) :). Also I went to Mesquite with my family seeing as my boyfriend is absent for the time being haha. We went and saw Wayne Brady who is a comedian in Las Vegas. That part was fun! The day just felt empty without Chris. Anyways Chris has offically been gone for 5 months. Its just amazing how fast time flys. The next thing i will know is that he will only have 5 months left. I cant WAIT for the that day haha.

My foot is healing nicely. I am only in the cast for 2 more weeks! The doctor says that its going to hurt when i start using my foot again :( bummer. You would be amazed how much your limited with a cast on. At least its a walking cast i should be greatful for that. I HATED CRUTCHES.


tammy lu said...

Awww! Hunter is so sweet! And Wayne Brady is stinkin' hilarious!

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