Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17, 2008

My missionary has been gone for 4 months today YIPEE!! Im so happy only 20 more months haha. Trust me he is so worth the wait. This week has been interesting. To start off my week i decided to go running with Anna and i spontaneously hurt my foot and when i say hurt i mean seriously injured my foot. I have not been able to walk for about a week now oh botha. The crutches that im using are hurting my hands ;( yeah im a winer!! I meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon next Friday so we will see whats going on with the foot.

I got my very first calling this week. I am on the institute council and I am so excited. I start up my new duty next week. Yay for singles ward institute. I also started school this week. I am taking some fun yet interesting classes. My favorite class so far would have to be my personal health and wellness. Maybe thats because i want to be a doctor someday? The human body is so fasinating to learn about.

Also im in Mesquite. It is 74 degrees and im in heaven. Riley my little brother is playing in a tourny down here so i decided i would come watch and im sure glad that i did. I have been playing in the pool with a bumb foot and getting massages. See i am in HEAVEN!


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