Sunday, July 8, 2012

Poor Suzie

Last week Suzie (my car) decided that she didn't want to run anymore. I was driving up to drill camp in Park City and on the last hill Suzie made some crazy sounds and stopped working. I pulled off onto the side of the road and opened the hood and I could immediately tell that no good was going to come from the situation. My sweet husband called the insurance company and sent someone to rescue me. The insurance company had to track me through satellite because there were no road markers or signs anywhere around. I was just a lonely sweaty pregnant lady strolling down the side of the highway haha. If only I had a hitchhikers thumb!!!! Luckily some other parents were also driving up to drill camp at that same time and they stopped to pick me up {Thank you Connor Family}! My car got towed to Heber and then Chris and my dad towed it the rest of the way.

Turns out that my car needed a new engine so Chris and I decided to start looking for a new car. We found a 2013 Hyundai Sonata that we LOVED and decided to go for it. Yes the car payment sucks but we were able to put a lot of money down so our payments are really low every month. Also we posted Suzie on KSL and sold her within 5 hours. It shocked me that we sold her so fast with a blown out engine. I am glad she has a new home with a good engine :).

The Hawkins


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