Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We are so EXCITED

This is what peoples faces look like when you tell them're expecting your FIRST BABY....
September 17, 2012
{aka Chris' birthday}

 {I had everyone make a silly face for me after we made our HUGE announcement}

Telling Chris: I wanted to tell Chris in a unique way instead of just handing him the pee stick. Sooo I got some Chinese food and operated on a couple of fortune cookies. I pulled out the regular fortune and inserted "You're going to be a daddy" into a couple of cookies. When Chris' was finished eating his meal he ate his cookie and found the secret message. He was shocked but SO excited!!! We wanted to keep in a secret for a few more weeks but Chris couldn't hold it in and told the entire Kneaders staff hahaha. He is so cute.

Telling Chris' Family: When we went over for family dinner on Sunday we had wrote a poem to share with Chris' family. We let his mom read it right when we got there and she was ecstatic. Then unfortunately things took a turn for the worse, so we didn't get to share our news the way we planned. The next day we were able to call Hilary, Mike, Sky, and Zylis to share the news and they were so happy for us.

Telling Jammie's family: I was dying to tell my parents but they went out of town for the weekend so yesterday we took them to dinner. I made these shirts for Chris and I to wear and we just waited until they noticed. It was HILARIOUS! We also made phone calls to family who couldn't attend.

Telling Our Friends: We have found little unique ways to tell all of our friends. We want to thank you guys for being so excited for us and calling to congratulate us. I received 32 texts today from strictly friends sharing there love and support. You guys are awesome.


We are so grateful for the support that we have already received from everyone. This is going to be one loved baby. We are also very lucky that we are in a good position to be having a baby. It is going to be very hard going to nursing school and being pregnant and then even harder after the baby comes but we know that this is the right time for us.

For many of you that don't know it is truly a miracle that I was able to get pregnant. I have had numerous doctors tell me how difficult it was going to be so I am grateful that Heavenly Father has given Chris and I a chance to be parents.

Chris and Jammie


Five Men and a Little Lady said...

SO excited for you guys! You will be awesome parents!

the jones said...
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the jones said...

AH jammie! I am so excited for you!! being a parent is so much fun you will love it!!! you and chris will be amazing parents!!! its going to be such a cute little baby! CONGRATS!!!!

lindsey said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you!

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