Monday, December 26, 2011

A Bazillion Pictures of Christmas

I can't believe it is always comes and goes WAY to fast!
Chris and I had an excellent Christmas this year. Here are some picture highlights.

Running on 3 hours of sleep!
This is our family visiting  my Uncle Brians grave! We also had the opportunity to sing at Princeton's grave on Christmas Eve and it was wonderful.

Chris got my a KITCHEN AID yay! Also that box under my Kitchen Aid is a new DISHWASHER from my parents. I love both of those gifts so so so so much!!!!!

Chris got me a ring from Sierra West Jewelers! I was shocked. I love it SO much thanks babe!

We got my parents a new fire pit!

This is Chris' shocked face because he just opened his KINDLE FIRE! Jared just opened a gift card but he sure loves Cinemark haha.

I gathered up all of Chris' letters from his mission and made him a book. It was so fun for him to look at the pictures and letters he wrote.
Chris and Edison on Christmas morning.

Chris really wanted a Pole Saw! This thing was a pain in the butt to find.

We got Hunter and Morgan a tramp and they seemed to like it lots. It wasn't a new tramp we got a killer deal on KSL and couldn't pass it up.

Thank you everyone for you wonderful gifts!

The Hawkins


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