Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paint Shop

Who would have ever thought that paint shop would lead to a life time full of happiness? Ok we were 16 everyone this is as cheesy as it comes. But back then it melted my heart and it still does today :). The following is an email that Chris sent me on June 21, 2006 (that's only 9 days before our first kiss).

Jammie marie Erickson,
I drew you another picture i kinda cheated though i used paint shop but i tried right well i hope you like it i know its lame.

love christopher mark Hawkins

Christopher Mark Hawkins,
Why hello, this is probably the best picture i have ever drawn in paint shop kinda sad seeing as its not that great! I sure hope you love it though. Do you want to know something funny? your the one who taught me how to attach files haha don't ask me how i remember that!!! Well im excited to get to hang out tonight it shall be loads of fun. Ok well enjoy your picture.

Peace Love and Bubble Gum.... Jammie Marie Erickson

The Hawkins


Chelsea Erickson Smith said...

Jammie! I love this story. You should read mine and RJ's. It's on my blog from February of this year. It's absolutely the dorkiest story you will ever read. It'll make you giggle. Love ya! -Chelsea

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