Thursday, June 9, 2011

Darn it Jammie

June 09, 2011 Chris' uncle Kyle and his beautiful wife Soni got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. Their ceremony was incredible. I had not been to a sealing since my own.

This story is in no way meant to take away from their special day.

I'm just an IDIOT

So as I'm sitting in the sealing room, listening to the words of the sealer, nothing was out of the ordinary. I enjoyed the advise that he, Brother Ballard, gave and was so happy for Kyle and Soni. When the sealing was finished we went outside and my mother in law said "That was so cool that Elder Ballard preformed their sealing" I was a bit confused because at this point I was just thinking that there are a lot of Elder Ballards in the world why is this one different. I asked Lori "Why was that so cool?" STUNNED Lori said uhhh Jammie that was Elder the Apostle.

See I told you
I'm an IDIOT

Turns out that Soni's family is good friends with the Ballards and that's why he preformed the sealing. He even got invited to the dinner that night. At the dinner I was determined to shake his hand out of respect of my idiotness. I approached him and held out my hand and said "Can I shake your hand?" he said "Well Sure". Things at this point were going fabulous. Then I turn to his adorable wife and say "Uh thanks for umm your husband?" Yeah I did say it exactly like that even as a question. She looked at me a little funny and said "Your Welcome?" Yes she responded in a question as well.

Who says "Thanks for your husband"? What does that even mean?

Man I made a complete fool of myself! But hey on the bright side I got to shake an apostles hand.

I promise that I watch General Conference and go to Church!

Pray for me!


Brittany said...

haha you fool! that was funny though! i'm glad you made up for it by shaking his hand at least!

Jammie Marie Hawkins said...

Bahahah Amen sister. I had to do something!

My Gift's to Share said...

LOL Lori loved telling me this story. Hey don't feel to bad you were the only lost ;)

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