Sunday, May 22, 2011

Park City Weekend

All the girls went to Park City for Erin's birthday. It was so much fun getting to spend time with my girls. This was the first night that I spent away from Chris which was kinda weird. I am sure he loved having our bed to himself though. I am such a lucky girl to have friends like these. In their honor I decided to go through and tell something that I LOVE about each of these girls.

Erin: I love how this girl dresses. She can make an outfit out of pretty much anything. Along with her cute outfits Erin ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She always reminds me that I need to smile more. Erin has a strong testimony of the Church and she always makes sure everyone knows it. I love this about Erin because every time she shares her testimony, I strengthens mine. Thanks Erin.

Anna: This is one of the happiest go-lucky girls I have ever met. Whenever I am with Anna we are sure to get into some sort of trouble, but we always have the most spectacular memories together. Anna is a great example to me by how hard she works. This girl is determined to earn money and she works hard to accomplish it. I love Anna and know that I can talk to her about anything. She has really good ears for listening. I love ya girl.

Sarah: I am not a blunt person...most of the time I just let people walk all over me. Sarah is the kind of friend that has always stuck up for me. Sarah is super active as well she likes to have fun and not sit around like a bum. Even though I am not good at sports Sarah always helps me feel included. One thing that I love about Sarah is that she always wants everyone to have a friend. Many people have gained self confidence because of this girl.

Lindsey: Mrs. Clasby is a new addition to my circle of friends. She is married as well, which means she can relate to a lot of things I am going through right now. I love talking to Lindsey because she will listen and not take sides. Our husbands are both nerds which works out nicely because we can all hang out together. I am excited to learn even more about Lindsey :).

This was our weekend in a nutshell.





Erin Marie said...

Awe, thanks Jame!

I look hidoreous in all of these pics but that was so much fun I don't even care!

anna mae said...

99.9% of these pictures I look homely in.. That's okay though, because we were having SO MUCH FUN!

You're too nice Jammerina!


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