Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Another Manic Wednesday

This past week Chris and I had our summer break haha. We are both going to summer school so we only got a week off to enjoy our summer. I don't love the fact that I am going to summer school, but I do love the fact that I will finish school faster :). This past week has been crazy busy and a lot has been happening. Here is our week in review...

Just Dance
My dancers had their very last dance competition for the year. My 6 year olds took first place and my 9 year olds took second place. My 9 year olds also took home the "Best Technique" award which made me feel good :). All those battments, piques, leaps, and pirouettes paid off!

I also told my girls that I wasn't teaching next year which was a DISASTER. They all started crying and then I started crying. It broke my heart when they all told me that I was their favorite teacher. They have been begging me to stay ever since and it's been really tough for me. I love my little dancers!

Drill Team
Drill started this past week. We had our second tryouts and added 4 new girls to our team. We have 21 girls total which will be excellent for all of our dances. We start 6am in June which will definitely take some getting used too. These girls are so fun to work with and they are going to help get my booty into shape :).

Chris has been training all the franchisee people this week. Kneaders will be opening 4 new stores this summer and so they need all their new people trained. They like to have Chris train because he works so well with people. Chris also started his new job at Kneaders this week which is nice because his pay will increase. This new position also gives him Saturdays off which means camping, fishing, jet skiing, and golfing.

Chris and I started our summer classes this week. I am taking Physiology this summer which is 4 credits and Chris is taking Accounting and Business which is 8 credits. This has already proven to be a stressful semester for me at least. Physiology isn't hard yet my brain is just having a hard time staying focused haha.

Fun Time
We went and saw Thor last night with Lindsay and Justin. It was so fun to hang out with them. Hopefully, we will be able to get together more often. Also, Sarah and I have been going to the gym which is good because we always have good work outs :).

This is our week in a wrap. We are busy ALL the time and I don't see my hubby very much but when we do get to see each other it's always special. Chris brought home flowers the other night, he wrote me the cutest secret notes, and made me a banana & peanut butter shake. I am married to Prince Charming people. Chris is amazing!


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