Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apparently, I'm a Wuss

Today at school, I volunteered my blood for the good of science. Actually it was only Physiology class but still I like feeling important. I took a lancet and pricked my pointer finger and man I bled for minutes. If you don't know fingers don't bleed for very long! Anyways, the finger prick was a success and the experiment went great. I was fine until I left class...then the chaos began.

I went to the get a drink and suddenly felt extremely light headed; at that same moment I felt the chunks coming up my esophagus. I ran to the bathroom and puked all over the place (sorry for the vivid detail). I went to a study group after that and my dear friend Lindsay said "Jammie are you OK? Your face is really pale". I didn't feel "sick" my stomach was just upset. After I left the group I puked 3 more times and have been feeling nasty ALL night.

The reason I got so sick could possibly be that I'm apparently a wuss? Or it could have just been that I gave blood on an empty stomach, which basically just means that I'm an idiot! That will teach me to give anything of myself to science ever again.

Moral of this story

Don't give blood on an empty stomach.


Never throw up at UVU because people look at you weird.

Over and Out

Jammie and Chris


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