Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chris say's I am the best cook around

Hola Amigos

The other night for dinner I thought that I would make enchiladas. Feeling overly creative that evening I decided to make the enchiladas my own way and stray from the recipe. I took original corn tortillas and wiped them down with butter and then filled them with cheese. I then proceeded to wrap the enchiladas and add enchilada sauce mixed with El Pado. I smothered the cheese filled tortillas with my special sauce and I threw them in the oven. Having no idea how these things were going to taste I hurried and made hamburger so that we could have tacos if they were disgusting. The buzzer went off and frankly I was scared to see what my contraption had turned into. I slowly opened the oven and enchiladas looked incredible!

Don't those look freaking good?
(well they were)

When Chris came home dinner was on the table ready to be eaten. He took a bite of my enchiladas and said " Jammie these are really really good..." Now maybe he was just being nice but it sure made me feel good and he wiped his plate clean. All that I know is that he is getting these delightful beauties for dinner again tonight :).

Remember: A happy wife equals a happy LIFE!

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Brian, Savannah, Demi, and Brooklynn said...

Best wife ever!!! You are good at improve cooking and Dancing:). I can't stray from the recipe or I am screwed:O. I love love love your blog. Your wedding sounds like it was incredible and I am so sad I missed it. I can't wait to see the pictures. I am so glad you are into the Bachelor, it is the best.

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