Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Secret Garden

Some people look forward to summer for the following reasons
~The Pool~
~Flip Flops (thongs if your my dad)~
~No School~
~Shorty shorts~
Although these things all sound excellent im looking forward to planting a garden!
(ok actually im only planting flowers in planters because I live in an apartment and don't have my own gardening space yet)


Who would have ever thought I would love gardening so much? Here are a few of the summer projects that I have planned :)

I have these darling wooden planters that I am going to plant the following in





I found these cute flower pots on a blog that I read called Censational Girl. We have this UGLY fence in our yard and I think these cans will brighten things up a bit :)

I actually wont be doing anything like whats shown above this summer. I just loved the picture. Someday I would like to plant a garden like this in my backyard. I love the stepping stones and the cute bird house.

Love the Hawkins


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