Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Apartment

This is our cute little home. It gives us a LOT of room for storage which is very nice. It has been so fun decorating my little house. These pictures dont give my decorating skills justice. Anna and I have been working on getting picture frames hung and other decorations set up.

I will take you on a short tour of the apt. Hope you enjoy

I know the bed is a mess but its because the quilt just got washed...I promise :)

Our dining room! My parents gave us this sweet table from the 80's. I love it :)
Part of our TV room! I have a lot of more decorating to do...the walls are so bare.
Our bathroom! Did you notice that Chris left the seat up? I noticed at 2 in the morning when I fell into that toilet!

The Kitchen. I have actually fed Chris really well. I have never been the type that enjoys cooking and house work but its actually starting to grow on me. I really like making Chris dinner, it gives me sort of a creative outlet haha :)

The Hawkins


Brittany said...

haha that's kinda funny you fell in the toilet!!! you better tell him what's up! make sure he puts that thing back down!

tammy said...

Super cute Jammie!!

The toilet thing is curable. Bret is trained! We made a deal. He would put the lid down if I did something that he didn't like, which I don't remember what it was. But it worked!:)

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