Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy 21 Birthday Anna Mae

Some of my most cherished moments in life have been spent with this great girl. Her and Sarah are the best friends a girl could ever ask for. I cant recall a time when I was in need and Anna wasn't there. She makes me laugh and cheers me up on those crummy days. I'm so glad that she is my friend :)

You guessed it...we LOVE swimming. We have taken unbelievably cool pictures at the pool. If you have time you should check them out of Facebook. You will probably pee your pants. But remember dont pee in the pool thats just gross.

One of our all time favorite things is Dressing Up. Whether going to a movie, party or dance Anna and I are always dressing up. We decided to be 80's girl vampires one year for a Halloween party! This was really fun.

We have loved having Anna come along on most of our family adventures. This picture was taken at the beach in Long Beach Oregon. Anna is a swell room mate and such a beautiful person :).

Kneaders breakfast...yum yum! I would say that Kneaders is the place that we hit up the most when we are hungry. Anna usually gets their soup and a mint brownie, I usually get a half sandwich with a napoleon :)

Anna and I LOVE going to boutiques. We often times get into these strange crafty moods. Making crafts with Anna is one of my favorite past times :)

She has got the cleanest toes I have ever seen. This picture makes me cry with laughter each time I look at it. Sometimes we have too much fun with the camera.

This is a classic Anna and Jammie shaking their faces photo. We have a bazillion of these! This one happened to take place in Vegas in front of Treasure Island right before we saw the women pirate show (by the way that show is scandalous I would NOT recommend it)!

Jammie Marie Erickson


anna mae said...

Awe Hamm! You are so cute :) thank you for this post. It made my day!

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