Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is Halloween

Happy Halloween
This year Chris and I decided to go with a 1920's theme for Halloween. As you can see I was a flapper girl and Chrisy was an original gangster. Considering our costumes were entirely home made I think we look pretty sharp. (I decided that I will NEVER dye my hair black because it washes out my face)
On Halloween Night We...
1. Went to the costume shop and found Chris his sweet hat
2. Got dressed up in our costumes
3. Went to a party at Jared Allredges house and played games
(Anna and Sarah came which was so fun because I miss seeing my girls)
4. Came home and watched Date Night
5. Ate LOTS of Candy :)

Reeses are my FAVORITE treat and I have
already eaten plenty of them!

Hopefully I don't get one of these now!

That there looks like a painful toothache to me.

Poor old man!


Christina said...

You guys are too cute! We are really happy for both of you! You are such a sweet person, Jammie! (And I loved visiting with your mom, too!)

Jammie Marie Erickson said...

Thank you so much Christina. We have sure missed you guys but I hear that good things are happening with your family back east :). Hope to see you sometime soon!

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