Saturday, October 23, 2010

Group Date

Pumpkin Carving
I almost forgot how much fun group dates are! To start off our date we went to wingers and had dinner. Then we went to Trinas house and carved pumpkins! We all had so much fun.
I decided to go with a more origional face on my pumkin but Chris got creative! If you can tell Chris carved a little baseball cap into his pumkin. It was probably in rememberance of the Yankees because they didnt make it to the play offs :( what a shame. Anyways, here is what some of our friends and their dates came up with.
Brittany and I made twinner pumpkins! They were so cute. Jared decided to make a pumpkin with a sweet mustache and sunglasses :).
Dear Colter, please refrain from stabbing Alexis on your first date!
Dear Colter, please refrain from also stabbing Christian! Micall would be very upset with you.

The finished products!


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